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Hello from Charlie & Tony.

Movement Pictures was started by Pasquale Anthony Leonardo IV but really it's just "Tony" for short. The name Movement Pictures is a reference to the narrative bike messenger film Kaya (also called The Messenger). Kaya won two film festivals and an award for Best Cinematography.

Charlie Bodensieck recently graduated from SUNY New Paltz studying Digital Video Production and joined MVP in 2019. His top five movies are Brazil, Akira, Scarface, Dead Alive and Enter The Dragon. Make of that what you will!

Right now Charlie and Tony are working on a documentary on the future and history of competitive ultimate frisbee, tentatively titled Winning and Losing. Tony is known as an author and historian for the sport having co-written two books: here and here, in addition to numerous tournaments covered, articles written and more since the mid 90s. This summer he will be a broadcast announcer for the USAU U.S. Open outside Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Tony studied filmmaking at Notre Dame, Brooklyn College and the TheFilmSchool in Seattle before moving to the Hudson Valley.

Additional upcoming projects include a a feature narrative script adaptation of the African memoir Everything Lost is Found Again: Four Seasons in Lesotho by Will McGrath and working with our friends at Luminary Media and the Chronogram.